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Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Introducing Volume 5 of the Halfkinds Series....Now Available to Pre Order!

Amazon recently re-vamped their KDP (Kindle Direct Publishing) service, and now, they've FINALLY allowed pre-orders to happen.  Check out my fancy schmancy preorder page here:

Coming out June 1st......

They still have a few kinks to work out though.  First of all, you'd think changing the description or formatting it would be easy, but no, it's quite a tedious task.  You create your entry on one website then modify it's page on another.  Quite cumbersome.  It's also not an instant update, so I'm trying to make the page a bit more presentable.

Oh and here's the cool new cover!

I might be tweaking the titles of my books a little too.  I always wanted to finish all of my books first before focusing on the marketing aspects of things, but I figure it's time for a change since Volume 1 has been on the shelf for so long.

Overall, I'm quite pleased with how things are going.  It's been an odd (sub) career arch filled with ups and downs.  At first I was a bit bummed out about the lack of response and sales.  I think it was because I was just so excited I finally published something that I was waiting to see readers skyrocket to the moon (HAHAHAHAHA, what a dream).  Now that I'm a back on Earth, and I'm so deep into writing the story of Iris Lawton and her genetic misfits that I look forward to telling what happens to her next.

The next book will be my last one and it's a bit bittersweet.  I've already outlined what happens, and I feel the conclusion will be the perfect ending for this saga I've crafted.  However, I start to think, what do I after that?  Write some more?  Market the heck out of my completed product?  Guess I should just focus on writing the next one.

To anyone who reads this blog, I still highly encourage you to check them out, even if reading isn't your cup of tea.  I think you will find the first one interesting at the very least.  It's certainly not lacking action.  It may be a bit hard to follow with time jumps and many characters, but I hope you will be entertained.  Looking back on the first book, I feel it's really different from the rest of the series.  When I was writing it, I was hoping to reel the reader in, but now looking back, I wonder if it's done the opposite since it's so different from the rest of the series.

Volume 2 and beyond is much more grounded in structure, so if you get turned off by Volume 1, just know that the rest of the series is probably better in my book.  Other than that, I'll keep you posted as I continue to edit!


Sophia Mala said...

When will the last book come out? I love all the characters and do not want the series to end! Keep writing on the storyline pleaseee. Great work!

Andy Vu said...

Hi Sophia,

The last book should be coming out sometime in the middle of 2016. I'm hoping to have a release of maybe May or Jun. Although I don't update the website too often, you'll be sure to see a post or two as completion finishes.

Thank you for the kind comment. It really helps motivate me to finish the series up. Support from readers like you makes it all worthwhile!