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Thursday, January 8, 2015

Back From Hiding - Volume 5 Release News

Hello everyone!

After a long hiatus from blogging, I'm kicking off the new year with some updates regarding the status of Halfkinds Volume 5 - Grey.  Here are a few tidbits:

- I'm about 85 percent done with the writing, then it'll go through a rough read through.  After that, it's off to the fine editors of Gathering Leaves Editing
- Schedule wise, I'm hoping to get it back from the editors for a March release
- During the time at the editors, I'll update the Halfkinds Wikia up to Volume 4
- I'll also do a little publicizing, but this has never been my forte.  I feel that after I'm done with the series, then I can promote it as a whole
- Speaking of the series, Volume 6 will probably be released at the beginning of 2016, or end of 2015.  It's too early to tell.

Blog updates:
- I'm going to try to update this blog more often.  Bear in mind, it'll not always be about blogging, just updates on stuff I find interesting, but with a main focus on sci fi media.

During my time away from blogging, I've been doing a lot of writing and soaked up a good share of pop culture.  I'm hoping to do this at least once a week but... promises.

Until then...

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