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Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Almost 2 Years In Since Publishing

It's been a while since I wrote an update in my blog.  I suppose I've been busy with the fifth book and figuring out ways to continue promotion.  It's been past 2 years since I started this series, and time sure has flown by.  I can't say it's because I've been riding the wave of success.  As always, sales and new readers come in modest numbers.  Yet, I at this point, all I care about is finishing my series and telling Iris Lawton's story.

When I tell people that I've written a series of books, usually the response I get is surprise.  Then when I start explaining what the series is about, there's always three different reactions.  One is amazement that I've crafted such an imaginative world.

The other is curiosity.  Given the far out premise and taboo subjects my series touches, it's easy to wonder "what kind of crazy story has this guy written?"  Sometimes I get frustrated, because I want people to look beyond the premise and really understand that at it's heart, Halfkinds is a compelling story about survival for a species that should be dead.

However, by far, the most common reaction I get is apathy.  It's mostly a "oh, that's cool" and then that's that.  My work, something that takes hours and hours and hours of effort, is nothing more than a passing thought.  At first, I used to get a little bummed out.  You would think something you've worked so hard on would garner more enthusiasm.  It doesn't.

Then, I take a step back and realize that people have their own lives, their own accomplishments to carry, and that support comes in many forms.  It could be a wall post, a like, a read, or a "that's cool."  These are the things that I am enthusiastic about.  To know that at least my work is getting recognition in some form, it's a great reward for a struggling writer.

The best feeling is when I've been approached by those who have read it.  I love to talk and talk about my writing, to get people's opinions and start the discussion.  Those who know me know that when I'm passionate about something, I study it, analyze it, and love to talk.  So I guess I'm looking forward to the day when I have more readers and friends to talk to.  Until then, I'll keep churning it out.  Four down, two to go.