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Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Series Phases and Volume 4 Update

Hey Fans!

A quick update.  Volume 4: North of the Halfkind Series is moving along nicely.  I decided to quicken my pace for Volume 4 compared Volume 3: Alphas.  The reason for this is I've really been finding my groove in writing Volume 4: North.  Volume 3 was much more difficult to write because it's the bridge between the beginning stages of the series and what I have for the ultimate ending.  Alphas dramatically changes where you might think Halfkinds is heading.  It certainly is darker than the other two, not because of the violence, but because the direction the series takes.  It's a "turning point" novel.

In fact, when mapping out the overall plot of the series, I divided it into 3 "arcs" or phases.

Phase 1 sets the stage for the Halfkinds world and givbes information on their origins.  This includes Volume 1: Contact and Volume 2: Horus.

Phase 2 is the bridge.  Includes Volume 3: Alphas and Volume 4: North (tentative title)

Phase 3 is the resolution.  It rounds out the series so that means it's Volume 5 and 6.

So I don't really view Halfkinds as a set of 6 different books, more like a giant book divided into 6 pieces.  I'm really looking forward to when this will all be done, and finally my story will be told!  Stay tuned true believers!

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