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Sunday, November 3, 2013

Legend of Korra - The Guide

Via Nickelodeon

After last week's side tour into the roots of the Avatar, we return back to the present day.  Long story short, Korra needs to enter in order to prevent Unalaq from releasing Vaatu.  She can only do this with the help of... Jinora?

Yes, it seems that Tenzin isn't the hero in this one, it's his daughter.  She can see spirits that others can't.  Personally I found Tenzin to be kind of jerky this episode.  His jealousy in his daughter's abilities and his reluctance to accept that his help wasn't needed was a big change in character.  I know he's normally rigid and stoic, but I never would have imagined that he would act essentially like a child over his daughter.  I'm finding the character to be inconsistent in the past few episodes with the introduction of his siblings this year.

Meanwhile, Unalaq is trying to release Vaatu.  But.... I'm not really sure why?  Maybe I missed something, or maybe it will be explained later on?

Legend of Korra is heading towards the home stretch, so I'm hoping things will wrap up in a nice package in the next few episodes.  And hopefully we'll see old man Zuko!

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