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Wednesday, January 5, 2011

My Top 12 (Not 11) Movies of the Year: #8 and #6

I made a mistake on my last post. I put Kick Ass as number 7, and originally only had 11 movies. I also stated that I hadn't watched Black Swan or The Town, but they'd end up on the list somewhere after I watched them. Then I watched them. So now they're on the list, I have 12 movies, and because of that, I screwed up my rankings. Great. Well here's the REAL ranking I have after adding those two movies in. Hey, don't blame me for releasing and inferior version of their product to fit the deadline, Apple does it all the time (iPhone).

The top 12 so far:
12) Scott Pilgrim vs the World
11) Winter's Bone
10) The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo
9) Jackass 3D
8) ???? (Look below)
7) Kick Ass

The REAL number 8: Black Swan

I was seriously hyping up this movie before I saw it. I anticipated that it would be in my top 5. And while it is a very good movie, I would say it fell short of expectations after I watched it, mainly after I realized it was just Fight Club for ballerinas. Hope that doesn't give too much of the plot away.

But then again, there isn't much plot to begin with. The movie is one of those is it in her mind or isn't it in her mind kind of movies. Some people like those movies because they think it's a mind trip, but I personally don't like them that much because it's a cop out. I want answers, damnit, not more questions. That's why people found the ending of Lost to be frustrating, because it didn't answer anything. Black Swan kind of answers it with the ending (it's in her mind) but at the same time it doesn't. If it's in her mind, then how was Mila Kunis's character, Lily, able to go party with her or have crazy lesbian sex? That's where the Fight Club comparison comes in: sometimes it's in her mind (like the lesbian sex, since in that scene's build up, Nina's (Portman) mom doesn't acknowledge Lily what so ever, and sometimes it's not, like when Portman observes her dance instructor instructing Lily. That's all fine and dandy if they actually point this out, like in Fight Club, but they don't, and I feel that leaves a lot of plot holes. One could argue that's for the viewer to decide, but fuck that, because that leaves the director and writer too much creative freedom and leave it to Nina's hallucinations for the explanation. Oh, a giant dragon crashed from the sky and ate Lily? That's all in Nina's mind man. And in a movie like this, that doesn't seem to farfetched.

Overall though, Aronofsky does what he does best, making normal things scare the shit out of you. Every scene, I was bracing for some kind of pop up scare. You think Nina laying in bed means she's safe? Think again! Bam, something pops up, and makes you pee your pants. Black Swan is definitely the scariest movie I've seen all year (it's way scarier than Paranormal Activity). Talking pictures man, talking pictures. Oh and speaking of those pictures, how did Nina's mom become an artist with such shitty art skills. Just saying.

It's a good film. Just not as good as people think it is.

Oh yeah, and Natalie Portman's acting is top notch here, but she gets minus points from me for going from this to a movie with Ashton Kutcher in it. Ugh.

6) True Grit

I don't know how Jeff Bridges didn't get nominated for a Golden Globe, him as Rooster Cogburn was the most entertaining thing I watched all year. After the movie, I was literally doing Cogburn impressions.

True Grit is submitted as a drama, but I kind of think it was more of a action comedy. There were a lot of scenes that were pretty funny, especially the exchanges between Cogburn and Lebeouf (Damon). Though, it had that wry, dry Coen Brothers style of comedy that doesn't always sit well with everyone.

Newcomer Hailie Steinfeld also does a great job as Mattie Ross, the 14 year old who acts like a 41 year old. Naturally, her uptightness is the perfect ruse for Cogburns drunken scowl. They make a great team. It essentially breaks down into a buddy cop film set in the old west, a very good buddy cop film set in the old west.

My only complaint is Josh Brolin. I couldn't understand one damn thing he was saying. Get some Vicks, dude.

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