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Friday, January 7, 2011

My Top 12 Films From 2010: #3 and #2

The top 12 so far:
12) Scott Pilgrim vs the World
11) Winter's Bone
10) The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo
9) Jackass 3D
8) Black Swan
7) Kick Ass
6) True Grit
5) The Town
4) Inception

3) The Fighter

To truly appreciate Christian Bale's performance as Dicky Ecklund, you have to stay and watch the credits scene where you see how the real Dicky Ecklund is like. Once you watch it, you'll think, hoooo-ly shit Christian Bale acted just like this guy. It's pretty amazing.

Strong acting is what carries The Fighter to the top. Bale, Marky Mark, Amy Adams, Melissa Leo, even the trainer who was Micky Ward's trainer in real life all act really well in this movie. You'll watch it and think, yup, this is probably how the real people act in real life.

The Fighter is also a good movie because it is devoid of a lot of boxing cliches. Granted, there are still some in there, like when Dicky tells Micky that he's doing it for Lowell while coaching in his corner instead of actually coaching. But other than that, the whole movie is pretty compelling stuff. You get heavily invested in the characters and the complexities behind them. Sure, on paper, Micky's mom looks like a control, money hungry freak, but afterwards, you realize it's not so clear cut. And it's easy to paint Dicky as a washed up drug addict, because for most of the movie he is, but you also kind of feel for the guy, mainly because he's played so charismatically by Bale.

A lot of people have been complaining about how the fight scenes don't look real, and this video kind of disproves it.

This drives the point home that most people are really f'ing stupid, commenting on how real or fake something looks without knowing much about boxing in the first place. There's a bit of dramatic license in there, but people would be complaining if there wasn't. Haters gonna hate.

2) Toy Story 3

It really says a lot about Pixar when people can only really name one mediocre movie from them (Cars) while every other single film churned out by them is critically lauded.

When I found out Toy Story 3 was coming out, I was a little skeptical. First, it's been almost 10 years since the last one. The people, like me, grew up on Toy Story films, but those people 10 years later are indeed grown up. What investment do younger kids, who never watched 1 and 2 in the theater have to number 3.

Then I watched it. And it blew me away. I think I've covered everything I could on it before, so I won't say too much again. But this film really is one of the best of the year.

Number 1 is coming.... tomorrow!

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