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Monday, January 3, 2011

My Top 11 Films From 2010: #11, #10, and #9

Please note: I haven't seen Black Swan or The Town yet, but I think they'll end up on this list somewhere...

11) Scott Pilgrim vs the World

I know this has been emphasized a million times, but that's still not enough.

Please Note, I really hate Michael Cera. He's the kind of actor hipsters love, mainly because he's unoriginal and promotes indie music in his films.

It's been a slow decent from like to dislike. I loved him in Arrested Development when he played George Michael Bluth. Then I liked him in Superbad when he played Evan, but he was really just playing George Michael Bluth. Then in Juno he played a guy who was like George Michael Bluth, then Nick and Nora's Infinite Playlist... Then in 2009 he changed his tone and played George Michael a cave man. Freakin brilliant! Too bad the movie bombed. So he went back to playing regular George Micahel Bluth in Youth in Revolt. That bombed too. Then in Scott Pilgrim, he played George Micahel Bluth with super powers and an Asian girlfriend. Cool, I guess.

Yeah, Cera's not the main reason I enjoyed Scott Pilgrim. I enjoyed it because it's just fun to watch. I admit, it appeals to the video game crowd with flashy visuals, simple plot, and Asians, but that doesn't mean it's not entertaining. The fight scenes and action is way better than anything Iron Man 2 produced. It's fast, yet doesn't take itself too seriously, which a lot of action movies are doing these days. I read the comic too, and I found it too 'I'm too cool' to enjoy, but I enjoyed this movie. And, for once, the awkward, indie white guy doesn't end up with the Asian chick. Awesome.

But fuckin' Michael Cera man, fuckin' Michael Cera.

10) Winter's Bone

Yeah, I can't believe that's the Winter's Bone chick either.

This movie is SLOW. I mean slowwwwwwwwww. An hour into it, I was wondering when the hell is something going to happen? The basic story is about a girl with a bail bond skipping father who has left the price tag with her and brothers and sisters. Now she's out to find him. Sounds like a premise for a Mel Gibson movie, so I kind of thought she'd go guns blazing. Instead, she just slowly slinks around her small rural town looking for answers. It's a lot of talk with nothing going on.

When I first watched this movie, I really hated it. My girlfriend tried to convince me it was a good movie, but I wasn't having any of it. It was just too slow for me. But then I realized, it had a lot in common with two things I loved: Fallout 3 and Lost. Both are slow too. Both make you feel like you're just wandering around, not really getting the point. But what makes both good are the environment they set up. Winter's Bone really sets up this feeling of eerieness and despair. It's not a movie to make you feel good, it's quite depressing, but that's what makes you enjoy it in the end. It transforms your mind into a place outside of what you know, and does a good job convincing you this is how it's really like for some of the shitty places in the world. For that alone, I commend it.

It's not an eye boner, it's a soul boner.

Ugh, I can't believe I typed that.

9) The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo

This picture sums up their relationship in the entire movie.

This came out in Sweden in 2009, but didn't come to the states til 2010. So I'm putting it in as a 2010 movie.

After watching the foreign version, I'm a little skeptical about the American version coming up, because Noomi Rapace is fuckin' Lisbeth Salandar. I don't care what Rooney Mara does, there's no way to top what Noomi did in The Swedish version. She perfectly portrays Lisbeth as the awkward, somewhat robot like Lisbeth who is good at what she does, detective workin'.

Aside from Noomi's awesome performance, the movie itself plays out as a really good mystery movie. You have your disgraced hero, his trusty quirky sidekick, a creepy family, and not one, but two of society's most hated villains: rapists and Nazi sympathizers. And both go down in a blaze of glory. Awesome.

This is way better than any episode of CSI. Now we'll have to see how the American version does, but so far with David Fincher and everyone's favorite T Swifty photobomber, it looks promising. American remakes aren't always bad, just look at The Office (seasons 1-3). If you say that the British version is better, you are dipshit. Done and done.

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