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Tuesday, January 4, 2011

My Top 11 (Now 12) Films From 2010: #8 and #7 (Now #9 and #7)

Continuing the count down:
12) Scott Pilgrim vs the World
11) Winter's Bone
10) The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo

9) Jackass 3D

Scoff all you want, but this movie was probably funnier than any comedy that came out the past year. I mean, just look at the nominees for the Golden Globes Best Musical or Comedy: Burlesque? The Tourist. The 49ers season was funnier to watch than that dreck. Actually, I have to admit, the 49ers' regular season was pretty hilarious. Alex/Troy Smith's quarterbacking was the best attempt at slapstick comedy I've seen in a long time.

You'll notice this list is devoid of any comedies, unless you count Scott Pilgrim or number 7 as a comedy. And to be all fair, there were a lot of terrible comedies this year: Dinner for Shmucks, Meet the Fockers, Yogi Fuckin' Bear, the list goes on. The only other comedy I liked was Get Him To The Greek. For me, Jackass sums up all that comedy should be: hilarious.

Andy by god, it was hilarious. Jackass is one of those movies where you're either for it or against it, there's no middle ground. Some of you elitists out there (aka people who think they're too good for Jackass and put on lame fart sniffing soirees instead) think Jackass is just gross. And I have to admit, there were some stunts that made me, an avid Jackass fan, pretty sick: the one where Dave England poos a volcano stream, Steve-O's sweat drink, and the Poo Cocktail Supreme. But other stunts were rather innovative and creative, much more creative than Michael Bay directing a CGI explosion-gasm.

Plus, the opening 3D sequence was way cooler than any other 3D that came out this year (I'm looking at you TRON). Not since Avatar did I think, this is cool. And as a plus, I didn't have to watch Avatar to enjoy the 3D.

7) Kick Ass (yes, #7 not #8)

The underrated film of the year. This is one of those films that got good critical ratings, high audience score, but underperformed like hell. It was Scott Pilgrim before Scott Pilgrim came out. In fact, it has a lot in common with SP. Over exaggerated violence, comedy, based of a comic, but it ranks higher on my list because it doesn't have Michael Cera. Laugh all you want, but a world without that awkward guy in movies is a world that has seen the brightest of days.

People give Nic Cage a lot of crap, and rightfully so. Just look at the trailer for his new witch movie. What the fuck dude? Everyone happens to speak with an accent but you. Ugh. But in Kick Ass, he was pretty great. He fit the role perfectly as the cooky hero dad to Hit Girl.

Speaking of her, Chloe Moretz is the main reason to watch this film. Granted, Aaron Johnson was fun to watch now, but watching Hit Girl slaughter nearly 20 grown men makes my 10 dollars well spent.

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