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Friday, January 14, 2011

My Pick For Film Of The Year Is........

Sorry it took so long. And before we get to number one, here are some honorable mentions:

Get Him to the Greek - Probably one of the better comedies in a year where there was a drought of good ones.

Shutter Island - Creepy and atmospheric, but also kind of boring. The ending is really farfetched too.

Iron Man 2 - Got bogged down from the high expectations. Still a good movie though, except the part where he pulls some Minority Report shit and creates a new element in like 5 seconds.

Blue Valentine - I haven't seen it, but I really want to.

Easy A - Well acted, but there are WAY too many plot lines going on.

Yogi Bear - Ahhh, I'm just fuckin' with ya.

Also here's a recap of 12-2:
12) Scott Pilgrim vs the World
11) Winter's Bone
10) The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo
9) Jackass 3D
8) Black Swan
7) Kick Ass
6) True Grit
5) The Town
4) Inception
3) The Fighter
2) Toy Story 3

And my top movie of the year is.............

1) The Social Network

When I first heard about this movie, I couldn't help but think: this is retarded. A movie about Facebook and privacy snatching asshole who created it, like I want to watch that. The trailers didn't help either, the single zoom out on Jessie Eisenberg while cheesy lines were spouted from the audio: 'You know what's cooler than a million, a billion!' Ugh. And it had Justin Timberlake, double ugh.

But then I watched the movie, and it blew me away. It had everything. Great acting, great directing, a killer soundtrack. That acting is really what drives the point home for The Social Network. Eisenberg goes from a poor man's Michael Cera to a A-list star. Right from the beginning, in that first scene shows that he is not shitting around.

It also is an incredibly exciting movie for portraying something so incredible unexciting. Coding is not cool. Trust me.

The social network struck close to me because I was a computer science major myself at Berkeley. For those of you who think that Zuckerberg's portrayl was a stereotype of nerds gone raging, it is not. Assholes like Zucks were in EVERY SINGLE ONE of my computer science classes. Guys who were extremely intelligent and creative, but at the same time bitter and extremely sexually frustrated with women. They get dumped, so they keep their bitter pills against the fairer sex and did whatever it took (getting that job at Microsoft, starting up their own website) to tell all those ladies, fuck you, you could've had this. And also, there were no girls in my computer science classes, maybe one at most. That is not an exaggeration either.

There's also a lot of Sean Parkers too. Nerds who are trying to shed that image of being a nerd by partying, showing their arrogance, and doing coke off blondes. I saw a lot of these people too, people who were trying way to hard to show the world they weren't dorks. The only thing I rarely saw were people who were genuinely down to Earth, but to be fair, the people that were like that were usually pretty awesome people.

It is a little dramatic with making computer science look cool. Fincher gets the atmosphere right, the whole community based thing with music in the background, snacks, and a few beers. But there aren't hot girls around hanging out with you while your coding, they're too busy hanging out with people who actually are doing something fun.

It's also probably questionable whether the movie portrays Zucks accurately, but I never think that was the point. I always felt Sorkin and Fincher were trying to portray Zucks as an amalgam of this generations leaders of America. Smart with a sense of that privileged persona us milenials have, bitter, but cocky, Fincher's portrayl of the youth of today is dramatic yet, in some sense, very accurate.

The only thing I had against the movie were the Asian skanks. I don't think they were really necessary, other than to give nerdy white boys the hope that they can nail their own Asian groupie in a bathroom.

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