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Thursday, May 6, 2010

My Top 12 Lost Episodes EVER! - Introduction and #12 Two For The Road

I’ve been a Lost fan since season 1. To say that I’m a loyal watcher is an understatement. I’m an extremely loyal watcher of the show. I remember watching the pilot way back in 2004. At first, I thought the idea of surviving on an island was a neat concept, why not give this show a spin. To be honest, the pilot didn’t blow me away. It was well acted, well written, and some mysteries were introduced, who can forget Charlie’s ‘where are we quote’ but it was nothing mind blowing. But, I stuck with it because a mediocre Lost episode still blows everything else out of the water. As the show progressed, I slowly got hooked. It was all about the characters. Every one of them had interesting back stories (even Boone), and that’s what got me hooked. And as the seasons progressed, and things got weirder and weirder, I became a fanatic. With the last few episodes showing, I must admit I am sad. Where am I going to get my drama fix? I already have my comedies (Community, Archer, South Park, It’s Always Sunny, Modern Family), but Lost is the only drama show I really watch. But, instead of mourning my loss, I will celebrate it by giving you, the reader, my top 12 picks of the best Lost episodes ever. Every weekday until the big finale, I’ll be counting down an episode with my own commentary. This is my personal list, so if you have any disagreements, share them, but just be mindful this is what I liked and not what the critics think are the best. Now here we go…

12. Two for the Road
Season: 2
Character-centric: Ana Lucia

Ah, Ana Lucia, how people hate you so. You’re right up there with Nikki and Paulo and Kate. Personally, I never liked you much either. To me, you were Kate 2.0, but you just looked a lot meaner. There are many parallels between you and our favorite convict. Revenge back story? Check. Tough girl image? Check. Slept with Sawyer? Check! I think the writers were trying to go somewhere with you, but with all the negative fan reaction, they just realized there was only one place to go… your death. And out of all the things wrong they did with your character, your death was the one thing you did right.

Episode wise, it’s above average Lost fare. I did like Ana Lucia’s back story, driving around Christian, adding another strand to the Lost connection web. The chemistry that Michelle Rodriguez and John Terry had with each other was great. You could really feel that the two were tortured souls just looking for an escape while cruising the Sydney landscape.

Back on the island though, things were meh. AL was out for blood, and Ben (then Henry Gale) was in her crosshairs. I never understood why she was so pissed off at Ben. At the time, the viewer had no idea if this guy was really the leader of the others, or even an other to begin with, yet Ana Lucia was ready to stomp on Ben’s bug eyed face the moment she saw him. I guess she was thinking the only way she could redeem herself for killing Shannon was by taking out the person who she thought was responsible for our favorite Paris Hilton wannabe’s death. But she had no evidence that Ben was responsible, or even if he was connected to these mysterious others. The writers definitely mishandled this, because I think they wanted us viewers to sympathize with AL’s rage, but I didn’t really have a reason to.

The whole episode was just filler though until the end, when they brought out the big guns, so to speak. The biggest WTF moment in Lost history ever was when Michael shot not only Ana Lucia, but Libby too!! No not Libby?! Can’t Hurley catch a break in the romance department?! And not only that, but they just killed a character off without giving any insight into her back story. Now I can only speculate why Libby was in that mental hospital. Well I guess later, we find out it was because of her husband’s death, but that isn’t all the way until season 6, in sideways world. Fuckkkkkkk.

This was the moment that truly changed the game in Lost. It made you question everyone’s motive, released Ben to wreak havoc for a few seasons, and totally blindsided you with a shocking, but reasonable, twist. For those reasons alone, it gets spot 12.

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