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Sunday, May 16, 2010

My Top 12 Lost Episodes EVER! #6 Deus Ex Machina / Do No Harm

#12 – Two for the Road
#11 - Some Like It Hoth
#10 - The Shape of Things to Come
#9 - Ab Aeterno
#8 - The Candidate
#7 - The Long Con
and number #6 is a tie and it's……..

Deus Ex Machina/Do No Harm
Season: 1
Character-centric: Locke/Jack

Deus Ex Machina and Do No Harm should really be titled ‘Boone Dies, Part 1 and 2.’ The two episodes complete each other, and really flow better as one episode. It centers around (duh) Boone’s death, one from Locke’s view and one from Jack’s view. Both also have great back stories for the shows two most integral characters.

Boone was not really that big of a character in Lost. He was a creepy step brother who was more useless than Charlie. The whole season built him up as the man that tried to be Jack, but couldn’t, so then he became the Metro John Locke. It was kind of fun to see his transformation into John’s sidekick.

Despite his uselessness, he was remarkably self aware of his role on the island. It’s like the writers were trying to put audience feedback directly into Boone. He comments to Shannon how everyone on the island thinks they’re a joke. That’s what the viewers were thinking! He comments to Locke about red shirts and how they died first in Star Trek. Then he wears a red shirt. Classic.

Boone’s death was the first major turning point in lost though. Until then, it seemed like no one on the island was really in danger. Sure, there was the smoke monster, Ethan, Claire disappearing, and some people died, but those people were nobodies. Among the people that mattered, the main characters, it seemed that there was nothing to worry about. I mean, John Locke can kill a million boars without a scratch, and Kate climbs trees that are like 1000 ft high in every episode without any danger, so what is there to worry about?

Then comes along Boone, as pretty as ever, and he gets injured in a plane crash (not the one you’re thinking of). Surely you thought he’d be okay considering all the other crazy shit that been going on in the island. Nope, not this time.

So long Boone. That ending montage where Shannon mourns your death sure brought a tear to my eye.

Besides Boone, these two episodes bring to the fore front the important of Jack and Locke. Keep in mind that this was during Season 1, before Jack was some insecure loser, and when he was the shit among the survivors. And this was when Locke wasn’t dead or evil reincarnate, but rather the mysterious guru who seemed to know all the answers behind the island. These two were leaders among their groups, and polar opposites. Man of science, and man of faith. They were on the road to a power struggle, mortal enemies waiting for a chance to do battle, and Boone’s death enabled this.

The other thing that makes these two episodes very special is the back stories. It was a one two punch of great looks into the history of Locke and Jack. First you have Locke, desperate to connect with the father he never had. They get to know each other, go hunting, and share kidneys. What a Disney moment right? Then Locke’s dad leaves him and Locke finds out the kidney operation was one big con. Damn, that sucks. That ending, with Locke pounding on his car and then on the hatch door in frustration while ‘Life and Death’ plays, it’s truly an emotional powerhouse that punches you in the stomach. Every time I watch it, and every time I see that light shine and that gleam in Locke’s eyes widen as he finds a small bit of hope among the desperation, it sends chills down my spine.

Then, in Do No Harm, you find out Jack is married to Claire Dunphy before she became Claire Dunphy. Not only that, but you find how great of lengths he’s willing to go to try and save someone. In this case, he goes so far that he wants to marry the victim. That’s dedication man, and completely gives great insight into the man that Jack is and the man he will be for the next few seasons. And for a moment, in his flashbacks, you finally see a happy Jack, a Jack much different from the grieving, jaded, worn out Jack you’ve been seeing on the island. It brings new levels of sympathy and appreciation into the person he is and why he’s so ready to save people.

The combination of these two episodes is really what made season 1 so special. You’ll notice this is my first season 1 episode, but it certainly isn’t my last. It is the best season of lost out there, no doubt.

Oh yeah, and baby Aaron is born. Completely forgot about that. Damn, these two episodes have a lot going on in them.

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