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Wednesday, May 19, 2010

My Top 12 Lost Episodes EVER! #3 - Through the Looking Glass

Continuing the countdown to Lost’s final episode. Here’s my top 12 so far:
#12 – Two for the Road
#11 - Some Like It Hoth
#10 - The Shape of Things to Come
#9 - Ab Aeterno
#8 - The Candidate
#7 - The Long Con
#6 - Deus Ex Machina/Do No Harm
#5 - In Translation
#4 - Greatest Hits
and number #3 is……..

Through the Looking Glass
Season: 3
Character-centric: Jack

This is when Lost literally blew my mind. Flash forwards, I did not see it coming.

This episode pretty much speaks for itself, so I’ll start with the events on the island. A lot of plot happened in these two hours. It was basically divided into 4 sides: Charlie and Desmond’s trip to the underwater hatch, Locke’s personal journey, Jack meeting up with the rescue team, and Sawyer’s stand off at the beach against Tom and company. Each of the four arcs were pretty exciting and all had their moments.

Charlie and Desmond: Charlie dies. Pretty much the most tear inducing death until ‘The Candidate’ punched a hole in your heart with its trio of deaths.

Locke: The most uneventful of the four arcs, but Walt appears. It’s good to see him again. Too bad he got short sided. The writers really dropped the ball with him. He could’ve well been with Jack and company when they arrived back to the island with a whole ‘I’m going to find my dad’ arc. Geez.

And Locke kills Naomi. What a shame. As Miles puts it “she was hot and I dug her accent.” So did I Miles, so did I.

Jack: When the camera’s swirl and Jack realizes he’s done it, I couldn’t have felt happier for him. Too bad that rescue turns out to be the freighter from hell. Can’t this guy catch a break?

Sawyer: This one’s for the kid. POP! Enough said.

But the main meat of the episode is the flash forwards. We assume it’s a flashback, and Jack is on one of his depressive benders. Claire Dunphy also shows up looking milf-a-licious as ever. But she’s also pregnant from her new husband. Bummer Jack. If I were you, I’d be depressed to.

Throughout the episode, Jack seems to be upset over the death of someone, who we learn is Locke later on in season 5. There are subtle hints that let you know it’s a flash forward, mainly the appearance of Jack’s wife and her pregnant booty. If you really think about the time span from all the other seasons, you would know Jack and his wife split in late 2003, and the flight crashed in late 2004. That would give only a small month window for her visit to unfold. Other than that though, you would really have to observe carefully to know it was indeed a flash forward.

Up to this episode, it seemed like Lost was going nowhere. I started to wonder how long they could keep this up without getting stale. Then this episode happened and gave me hope again. That’s why its one of the greatest. After a season 3 that left some people lost themselves, this episode put them on the right track.

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