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Monday, May 10, 2010

My Top 12 Lost Episodes EVER! #10 - The Shape of Things to Come

Continuing the countdown to Lost’s final episode. Here’s my top 12 so far:
#12 – Two for the Road
#11 - Some Like It Hoth
and number #10 is……..

The Shape of Things to Come
Season: 4
Character-centric: Ben

Showdown. Ben vs. Keamy. Ben vs. Widmore. Ben vs. Fate. And guess what? He actually loses.

Yes, up to this point in Lost, Ben seemed unstoppable. Even at the moments when he seemed his weakest, you felt Ben was in control. It didn’t matter if Jack had him tied to a tree at the end of season 3, for some reason you believed that bug eyed little man had something up his sleeve.

And guess what he did. Throughout the beginning of season 4, Ben slowly picks up the pieces of his fallen kingdom within the island. He plays a bargaining chip with Locke to regain his freedom after being locked down by, uh, Locke. He also begins to assert his leadership over the ‘Cabin Defects,’ picking and prodding and playing Locke like a violin until it was a matter of time before Ben’s plans were on the right track. But there was one problem.

Enter Martin Keamy, Deadpool, Deathstroke, and Boba Fett rolled into one. I have to give my props to Kevin Durand. He’s always been known to play these over the top thugs (Smokin Aces, X-men Origins: Wolverine, 3:10 to Yuma), but Martin Keamy was a fine character. He was the best second tier villain the show has had (better than Mr. Friendly, Radzinsky, Mikhail, or any other jabroni). Throughout season 4, you could only sense that two such awesome foes would face off.

The stage was set, Ben vs. the Mercenary, with his daughter on the line. And in one gone shot, it was game over. And that’s when Ben’s kingdom came crashing down. If there was any more pivotal moment in season 4, this was it. It was when the untouchable suddenly looked human. The expression on Ben’s face when Alex dies says it all. Even he couldn’t believe he lost.

He is no longer a master of the island, instead, he’s just another pawn. And he knows it. When Alex died, the myth of Ben did too. And in the end, what does that leave him with? Nothing else but to pick up the pieces. By season 6, Ben is a broken man, no longer chained as a conduit to the island. And in that sense, he faces some relief. Michael Emerson’s acting is so superb, you can see it on his face. Ben no longer wants in the drama of the island, he just wants to end it. And this is when it all started.

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