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Thursday, March 13, 2008

Kevin Johnson - Sacramento’s Tomorrow (No Really, We're Serious)

Kevin Johnson is running for mayor of Sacramento.

Let’s backtrack with a quick Kevin Johnson Overview:

-->1966: Sacramento, CA baby and point guard in the works
-->1983-87: Cal bball stud
-->1987: Drafted by the Cavs (7th pick overall)
-->1988-1998, 2000: Phoenix Suns sidekick to Charles Barkley (before Dwayne Wade and T-mobile!)
-->1989: founded and served as CEO to St. Hope Academy, a nonprofit community development corporation
-->2003: St. HOPE formed St. HOPE Public Schools, a pre-K-12 independent charter school system
-->March 2008: announces his run for mayor of Sacramento

Before we discredit KJ because he is an athlete, here are 10 reasons KJ should be mayor:

10. Invested in Oak Park (and people from Sacramento try to avoid Oak Park)
9. Turned Sacramento High School into a charter school (Go education!)
8. Not that tall, so he's not so intimidating
7. He’s come to Cal to give speeches (check POLITICAL SCIENCE 179: Undergraduate Colloquium on Political Science)
6. People pay some attention to him
5. Gave his best in the finals against the Bulls (I mean, who could really beat MJ back then?)

4. Dunked on Hakeem Olajuwon.
3. Tough. He grew up in Oak Park.
2. A rolemodel; lots of kids look up to him and see hope.
And finally:
1. He knows 100x more about geography (and imagine the general knowledge) than former teammate, Sir Charles.

“I think Argentina would be somewhere near Greece”

You have to applaud a man who gives back to the community. Despite his ups and downs, the man has definitely been trying to revitalize a part of Sacramento that many have come to overlook and give up on.
Substantial community success? The right intentions? Experience? Change?

Let Sacramento decide.

If by chance KJ does become mayor, I wonder if he’ll have some influence on the Kings! Point guard pointers? How to deal with Barkley? We’ll have to wait and see…


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1 comment:

kellex said...

I'd let him be mayor just for the poster I used to have of him raging The Dream. Top 5 dunk of all time probably.