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Saturday, March 1, 2008

John Wooden Suffers Broken Wrist and Collarbone, Enhances Bad Ass Reputation

Former UCLA coach John Wooden was hospitalized yesterday after taking a bit of an old man fall. He suffered a broken wrist and collarbone in the incident, but doctors expect him to be fine.

Now, I know many of you are going to expect a crude joke about how we should laugh when old people fall, but seriously, at 97, John Wooden is tougher than all of us. A broken wrist and collarbone would probably call for all of us to go home and ask mommy to heal our boo boo, but not John Wooden. And how many of us can honestly say that we’re going to even make it to the young age of 97? I for one cannot raise my hand.

A fall could prove mighty disastrous for anyone approaching the century mark, but not good old John. He has already garnered the respect from everyone in the college basketball world for his coaching skills, now he’s getting respect for his longevity, so kudos to him.

To put it simply, John Wooden is more gangster than any of us. Want more proof? Well, let’s just say he also still has it in the ladies department…

What a pimp.

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