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Friday, March 14, 2008

Ben Braun, Get Gone!

Are you a devoted, disenfranchised, now disappointed Cal Bears fan??

Me too!

Being a fan of the Golden Bears is just this bittersweet experience.
Kind of like cops – we love them and hate them at the very same time. But when I say that, I sing that, the way John Mayer does in Kanye West's song, "Bittersweet" (that makes reference to relationships, not cops).


Cops pull you over. Fuck.
Ben Braun loses. Fuck.

Cops make you take the breathalizer tests. Damn.
Ben Braun goes into overtime. Damn.

Cops let you go even though you fucked up. Praise the lord.
Ben Braun wins. Praise the lord.

Maybe this isn’t the best of comparisons. But I was reflecting on current law enforcement; smiled a bit, got angry, then wiped my forehead in relief because, for the most part, I’ve gotten away with things when I could have really been in some hot water.

And this is how I feel about the Bears. I get happy, I get sad, I get disappointed, and sometimes I’m relieved. Cal is a good team with a lot of potential BUT at the same time, with the inability to close games. Over and over I watch them, and dammit, it really sucks to lose in the last minute. It sucks to lose by 1 point. It sucks to lose in double OT. It sucks.

Watch that UCLA game last week? OUCH!
Watch them yesterday? MORE OUCH!
And this is when I can openly say I HATE LOVE! Damn you Kevin. (no hard feelings though, but just crush my heart why don't you?!?)

I love you Bears, so when I point fingers, I'm not going to point at the players, you guys are a group of skilled players who need the right coaching and direction. BUT Ben Braun, you just leave me speechless. And I ask this: can anyone honestly vouch for him as an effective Bears’ head coach???

To save us from dead awful silence, we should just be realistic:

And I'm not the first to voice this, look:

So when you look at the overall scheme of things, Cal cannot move forward with Ben Braun pulling them back.

With a lot of goodbyes lately (on and off this blog) I’m opting to write Ben Braun a farewell poem too. People have scolded me for not being punctual, and I’m sorry. But unlike my Mike Bibby poem, I’m not going to say goodbye after his departure. Hopefully though, this poem is not too premature:

Here's the real poem, an attempt at a haiku.....

Ben Braun, please get gone
You were good back then, but see…
We’re tired of defeat

Week after each week
Your plays don’t change, obsolete
And it makes us weak

We go to games drunk
Hoping that we’ll be surprised,
come out the victor

In the end, hot damn
We just leave Haas oh so sad
Nothing goes as planned

We respect your tries
Cal sees you’ve done all you could
We love you, but please…

Hold your head up high
Say goodbye and walk away
With a little grace

Please? Or else, again:

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1 comment:

Magglio said...

Amen. This guy is a joke. How does a team with Hardin, Anderson, Christopher and Randall have such a shitty record. Remember when they started 6-0? They must've thought they were the football team. What a shit show.