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Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Aaron Rodgers' Second Happiest Day In His Life

"Adios NFL, since my team can't even sign Randy Moss!"

Since TPIC is all pro-Cal all of a sudden, let's talk about one of our football heroes Aaron Rodgers!

Tuesday, March 4, when Aaron Rodgers woke up and heard that Brett Favre was retiring, he must have jumped up in joy and called everyone he knew that today was the second happiest day in his life. He was going to finally be the starting quarterback of the Green Bay Packers, after Ironman Brett Favre kept the job for 9032653 years. Since this is his new role, Aaron Rodgers is going to have to change his playing style a little bit from now on out.

Here's a few things Rodgers did and accomplished playing behind the incredible Favre:

"Growing out his hair like a true Cal Berkeley bum on the sidelines 'cause he had nothing else to do besides holding the clipboard."

"Giving Brett Favre back rubs/massages on the practice field and trying to convince Favre to get injured or retire and let him play, or trying to injure Favre himself."

"Piggy-back rides on teammates' backs to kill time and promising to throw them the ball when he plays."

"Sharing awkward moments of silence with Favre."

That was then, this is now. The post-Favre era has just begun, and Aaron Rodgers is going to have to change his gameplan a bit. He must:

"Hand the ball to his fellow runningbacks."

"Drop back for a few passes from time to time while giving dramatic stares into the defense."

"Hand the ball to his fellow runningbacks, again."

"Get sacked a couple times a game. Just don't get injured! (He has a hankerin' to do that during the season)."

"Hand the ball to his fellow runningbacks, some more. Throw the ball you say? That's practically suicide!"

Aaron Rodgers, the 2005 NFL Draft Day/Signing Day was the happiest day in your life, knowing that you were drafted by the Green Bay Packers, meaning that you will get free money sitting on the bench behind Brett Favre. Now it's time to show the NFL world what you can do. In fact, you may even try to bring back some Cal plays for your offense. That would be awesome for us Cal fans to see--you leading some Cal plays on offense while fellow Cal alum Desmond Bishop plays and puts some smashing Cal defensive plays on the other side of the field.

"Go Bea...err...Packers!! I bleed green and gol..err..yellow!!"

Maybe I should become a cheesehead.

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Neil Joshi said...

Ironic that this retirement announcement comes right after Moss's extension with the Patriots.

Winston B. Mcpotsworthy said...

It is not ironic. This would fall under the category of not surprising, rather then irony. Irony would be if Moss suddenly signs with the Pack now that Favre is gone.